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Some common questions we get about Digichama

  • Getting Started

    1. What is Digichama and how does it work?

    Digichama is a comprehensive financial management platform designed for chamas and groups. It streamlines various activities, including contributions, loans, meetings, and more, providing an efficient and user-friendly solution.

    2. How do I create an account on Digichama?

    To create an account, visit the signup page on the Digichama website. Provide the necessary information and complete the registration process. You'll then receive an email to verify your account.

    3. How do I set up my group/chama on Digichama?

    Once your account is verified, log in and navigate to the group creation section. Provide the group/chama name, and if available, upload a logo for a personalized touch.

    4. Can I customize the features/modules for my group?

    Yes, Digichama is designed to be fully modular. Select the specific features/modules that your group requires, tailoring the platform to meet your unique needs.

    5. How do I choose the subscription tier for my group?

    During the setup process, you'll be prompted to select a subscription tier. Notably, Digichama offers a free tier that is always free. Choose the tier that aligns with your group's requirements.

    6. How do I add members to my group?

    Adding members is simple. Visit the members menu, and enter their names and email addresses. An email will be sent to each member for verification and access to the group.

    7. What information is required to add members?

    All that's needed to add a member is their name and email address. This basic information ensures smooth integration and communication within the group.

    8. Can I add a logo to represent my group/chama?

    Absolutely. During the group creation process, you have the option to upload a logo. This adds a personal touch and visual identity to your group on Digichama.

    9. Is the free subscription tier truly free?

    Yes, the free subscription tier on Digichama is always free. You can choose this tier without any cost, making it accessible for groups with varying needs and budgets.

    10. How do I verify my email after signing up?

    Upon signing up, you'll receive an email from Digichama. Click on the verification link in the email to complete the process and activate your account.

    11. What happens after adding members to my group?

    After adding members, each will receive an email for verification. Once verified, they can actively participate in the group activities on Digichama.

  • Pricing & Subscription

    1. What is the Free Tier pricing for Digichama?

    The Free Tier on Digichama is priced at KES 0.00 per year. It includes 10 modules, credit automation, unlimited members, email support, and meeting scheduling for all members.

    2. What is the pricing for the Standard Tier on Digichama?

    The Standard Tier is priced at KES 4,500.00 per year. It encompasses the features of the Free Tier and adds the penalties module, custom schedule for modules, phone support, and online training.

    3. What additional features are offered in the Plus Tier, and what is the pricing?

    The Plus Tier is priced at KES 4,500.00 per year. It includes all features from the Free and Standard Tiers, with additions such as a comprehensive audit trail, staff (non-member) management, priority support, and on-location training.

    4. Are the trainings covered by the price?

    Please be aware that although they are planned based on availability, trainings are not covered by the regular rate. Additional fees for trainings vary depending on the location, length of time, and number of people trained.

    5. Can I customize my module schedule with the Standard Tier?

    Yes, the Standard Tier allows you to customize your module schedule according to your group's specific needs.

    6. How does priority support work in the Plus Tier?

    Priority support in the Plus Tier ensures that your group receives expedited assistance, addressing any queries or concerns with top priority.

    7. Is on-location training available for the Plus Tier?

    Yes, the Plus Tier includes on-location training, providing a hands-on and personalized learning experience for your group.

  • Modules / Features available on Digichama

    1. What functionalities does the Membership Module offer?

    The Membership Module allows you to manage group members efficiently. You can add, remove, disable, and send invitations to existing members to join the group.

    2. How does the Meetings Module assist in managing group meetings?

    The Meetings Module provides tools for meeting management, including the ability to record minutes and mark attendance, ensuring organized and documented gatherings.

    3. What capabilities does the Accounts Module provide?

    The Accounts Module empowers you to manage the flow of money within the group, facilitating transparent financial transactions.

    4. How does the Loans Module work?

    The Loans Module enables the group or chama to lend money to members, allowing for the management of interest rates and repayment plans.

    5. What distinguishes Soft Loans from other loan features?

    Soft Loans specifically enable the group to provide short-term loans to members, refundable in the next meeting.

    6. What is the Merry Go Round Module, and how does it function?

    The Merry Go Round Module offers a way to contribute to a specific member in a rotating basis, akin to a Table Banking system.

    7. How does the Shares Module operate?

    Members can contribute to a group kitty through the Shares Module, which is used for credit scoring when applying for loans.

    8. What is the purpose of the Welfare Module?

    The Welfare Module enables members to contribute funds to assist a fellow member in need.

    9. How does the Goals Module function?

    Members can contribute towards the group's investments and common goals through the Goals Module.

    10. What communication channels are available in the Notifications Module?

    The Notifications Module provides a way to reach group members through SMS, push notifications, and email.

    11. What is the role of the Expenses Module?

    The Expenses Module, available in the Standard and Plus subscription tiers, allows the treasurer to manage financial expenses.

    12. What does the Penalties Module offer?

    The Penalties Module, available in the Standard and Plus subscription tiers, allows the group to assign penalties for infractions, such as lateness to a meeting.

    13. How does the Staff Module work in managing the group's day-to-day activities?

    The Staff Module, available in the Plus subscription tier, allows designated staff to handle the daily operations of the group on behalf of its members.

  • Other Questions

    1.I forgot my password, what should I do?

    Visit, enter your registered email, and a password reset link will be sent to your email on file. If you forgot the email used, contact our support or ask your group leadership to assist you.

    2. Can I opt-out of data collection or request data deletion?

    Yes, under account settings, you can delete your account. Note that your name will not be deleted, but identifiable information such as email and phone number will be removed to protect your group information. If all groups you belong to are deleted, then the account will be deleted permanently.

    3. How can I delete a group?

    Groups can be deleted in the group settings. The group is held for 60 days in case of accidental deletion and is then deleted permanently. It's important to note that deleting a group does not remove individual members.

    4. Can I obtain data from my group?

    Yes, you can request group data, and it will be sent to the leadership email. If a custom format is required, it can be provided at a reasonable fee.

    5. How can I change the group leadership?

    Group leadership can be changed within the group settings. Only current leaders have the authority to make such changes.

    6. How do I add or remove members from my group?

    Group members can be added or removed through the Members menu. Only group leaders or members with designated permissions can perform these actions.

    7. How can I track financial transactions within my group?

    The Accounts module allows you to manage the flow of money in the group. It provides insights into contributions, loans, and other financial activities.

    8. How can I update my contact information?

    Personal information, including email and phone number, can be updated in the account settings. Keeping this information current ensures effective communication within the group.

    9. What should I do if I encounter technical issues?

    If you experience technical issues, please contact our support team for assistance. They are available to help resolve any challenges you may face while using Digichama.

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